Facebook makes Facebook Pay available as a payment option on third-party websites



As e-commerce becomes an increasingly important focus, a key part of it is payments, and making it easier and more convenient for users to make purchases in the flow quickly, with minimal disruption to their business. experience in the application.

On this front, Apple is currently working to expand its payment systems, with the incorporation of a new installment payment element for Apple Pay, and now Facebook is also looking to expand its payment reach, making Facebook Pay available as a. as checkout option on third party websites.

As explained by Facebook:

Starting in August, businesses in the United States that use participating platforms will have the option to enable Facebook Pay as a payment option directly on their websites, giving their customers the ability to expedite payment without having to to re-enter their payment information. We are starting the rollout with Shopify merchants and plan to expand availability with more platforms and payment service providers over time. “

This could give Facebook’s wider ecommerce options a boost, establishing more trust in Facebook Pay as a payment option, with its appearance on other reputable websites both offering more visibility and more approval.

And if users get used to paying through Facebook Pay in multiple ways, it will make them more likely to shop more easily through Facebook and Instagram as well, which will contribute to Facebook’s greater push to make all posts purchasable, by expanding in -App activity.

On top of that, the process will also give Facebook more direct transaction data, which could help it better attribute the ad response, despite losing access to a lot of user activity information as a result. Apple’s recent ATT data tracking update.

Facebook makes a specific note that all pFacebook Pay payment details are encrypted and the card and bank account numbers people provide “will not be used to personalize their experience or inform the advertisements they see.” But it would still have data on people’s purchases, which could then be linked to their Facebook activity. In that sense, it could give ad targeting options a big boost, depending on how Facebook seeks to connect that data to each person’s Facebook presence.

Either way, it’s a good addition for Facebook, which could have major implications for its growing e-commerce push.

It might not seem like a major step in that regard, but facilitating ease of use and adding credibility, through increased exposure, could be a big boost to Facebook’s growing buying efforts.

If you’re a Shopify merchant in the US and want to add Facebook Pay to your site, You can find more information here.



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