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Published in Tulsa World, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, January 21-28, 2022

IN DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR THE STATE OF TULSA COUNTY, OKLAHOMA ROBERT SHAW, Plaintiff, v CLAUDIA ZUAZNABAR, Defendant. Case No. CV-2021-1576 Judge Nightingale Civil Registry NOTICE OF LAND SALE PENDING Notice is hereby given that February 22, 2022, at 10:00 a.m., (courthouse location or room #), Tulsa County HQ, 218 W. 6th Street, Room 132 (1st Floor), Tulsa, OK 74103 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the undersigned Sheriff will offer for sale and sell for cash to the highest and highest bidder, subject to actual conditions the ad valorem property taxes, higher special contributions and all interest recorded on the immovable property described below, namely:

Lot Fifteen (15), Block Four (4), Falcon Ridge Estates, Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma according to the registered dish thereof.

The sale will be made pursuant to an order of sale by the sheriffs and pursuant to an order for partition entered in the district court of and for said county, State of Oklahoma, in case No. CV-2021-1576, entitled Robert Shaw v Claudia Zauznabar, to be satisfied: FIRST: In payment of the costs of said sale, including expert’s fees, publicity costs and sheriff’s costs; SECOND: In payment to the party incurring such costs, the Court’s costs and fees, all selling costs advanced by that party, including appraisers’ fees, publicity costs and sheriff’s expenses THIRD: In payment reasonable attorneys’ fees as determined by the Court; FOURTH: The unpaid principal amount and accrued interest of the first mortgage lien of Southwest Funding, LP, as of the date of the order confirming the sale; and FIFTH: That the remaining proceeds be paid to the Registry of this Court for the determination of an equitable distribution between the Plaintiff, Robert Shaw and the Defendant Claudia Zuaznabar based on their respective interests of 1/2, and the amount of property taxes , property insurance, mortgage interest, property maintenance and other property preservation fees and expenses paid by each party. The persons or other entities having an interest in the property, including those whose actual addresses are unknown and the persons or other entities who have or may have unknown successors and such unknown successors are hereby notified are: Southwest Funding, LP . The property has been duly valued at $236,000.00. If the highest bidder fails to provide a cashier’s check for ten percent (10%) of the winning bid price by 1:00 p.m. on the first business day following the date of the sale, the second highest bidder shall have the winning at his auction. the price. WITNESS TO MY HAND this January 6, 2022. TULSA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE By:/s/ James Estes Deputy Brian R. Huddleston, OBA# 13295 Huddleston Law Offices 4527 East 91st Street Tulsa, OK 74137 918-928-7717 brian ATTORNEYS FOR THE PLAINTIFF


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