CJ-21-2988 DAVIS | Legal Notice


IN TULSA COUNTYSTATE DISTRICT COURT OF OKLAHOMA Specialized Loan Servicing LLC, plaintiff, v. Glynn O. Davis, et al, defendants. Case No. CJ-2021-2988 NOTICE BY PUBLICATION DEFENDANTS: Glynn O. Davis and unknown spouse, if any, of Glynn O. Davis, and each of them, whether living or deceased and, if deceased, their unknown heirs or successors, if any, the above-mentioned defendant takes note that the plaintiff, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC., filed its motion for foreclosure in the District Court of and for the County of Tulsa, State of Oklahoma, on October 19, 2021, against the aforementioned defendants. , and said defendants must respond to said motion on or before April 8, 2022, or said motion shall be deemed true, and judgment will be entered in said action against the above-named defendants excluding its interest in the real property described herein – below real estate, namely: LOT FIVE (5), BLOCK THREE (3), SANGER-DOUGLASS SUB-DIVISION OF BLOCK 25, OF PARK PLACE, AN ADDITION TO THE CITY OF TULSA, TULSA COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA , ACCORDING TO THE RECORDED DATA FLAT OF IT. And judgment shall be given on the promissory note against the building and premises, finding that the defect has been made in the said note and the mortgage, and that the plaintiff has a valid, priority and superior mortgage lien on the said building in the total principal amount of $242,917.28, together with applicable variable interest, late fees as set forth in the note, and any amounts the plaintiff may be required to advance for payment of taxes, insurance or the preservation of the property in question, as well as the costs of this action, for which judgment will be rendered. Judgment will be entered against defendants Glynn O. Davis and the unknown spouse, if any, of Glynn O. Davis, finding any right, title or interest in and to the subject property claimed by said defendants to be inferior and less than mortgage lien. and judgment of plaintiff, and that upon confirmation of this sale, all defendants hereto, and all persons claiming by, by or under them since the commencement of this action shall be forever barred, estopped and prohibited from asserting or to claim any right, title, interest, estate or redemption equity in or to such premises, or any part thereof. Dated the 15th day of 2, 2022 Tulsa County Clerk: /s/ J Olmstead /s/ J Rogers Joseph H. Rogers, III, #21541 Wesley T. Kozeny, #31325 Bonial & Associates, PC Attorneys for Plaintiff 609 South Kelly Avenue, Suite A-2 Edmond, Oklahoma 73003 Phone: (405) 285-8100 Fax: (405) 285-8951


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