6 million people with disabilities will receive the cost of living payment from September 20, 2022

  • Disability cost of living payments of £150 to be made from 20 September 2022
  • 6 million people who receive some disability benefit will get it
  • The automatic assistance is part of a wider package of aid with the rising cost of living, including other cost of living payments totaling £650

People receiving an eligible disability benefit will be paid automatically from September 20, with the vast majority of eligible people expected to receive their one-time payment within a few weeks by early October.

The payment will help people with disabilities cope with the rising cost of living by recognizing the higher disability-related costs they often face, such as care and mobility needs.

For disabled people on low incomes, this payment is in addition to other cost of living payments totaling £650, £400 for all households to help pay energy bills, and an additional £150 for properties in the AD council tax brackets in England.

More than eight million eligible households receiving a means-tested benefit received the first of two automatic cost of living payments of £326 from July 14. The second means-tested payment of £324 will be issued later this year.

Disability, Health and Labor Minister Chloe Smith said:

We know people with disabilities can face additional costs, so we are taking action to help reduce the financial pressures on the most vulnerable.

This £150 disability award comes on top of the £1,200 most low-income claimants will also receive and alongside wider disability support, including help with transport and prescription.

We know this is a worrying time for some people and I urge them to check that they are receiving all the assistance on offer by searching for Help for Households.

The government’s cost of living payments are part of a £37billion support package, which will see millions of households receive at least £1,200 this year to help cover rising costs.

The government has also expanded support for the Household Support Fund in England – which helps people pay their food and energy bills – with an additional £421 million – from October 2022 to March 2023, and increased funding to £79 million for devolved nations; the total value of this support now stands at £1.5 billion.

This is all on top of changes to the Universal Credit sliding scale rate and working benefits worth £1,000 a year on average for 1.7million working claimants, an increase in the National Living Wage to 9, £50 an hour and a tax cut for around £30m. workers by raising national insurance contribution thresholds.

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Nadhim Zahawi said:

We know that the rising prices facing many countries around the world are a significant concern for many people here in the UK, especially those most vulnerable to additional costs.

Today’s announcement that people with disabilities will start receiving an additional £150 payment from the end of September reinforces our commitment to helping UK households weather the difficult times ahead.

This payment comes on top of further support households can expect over the coming months – including a second cost of living payment of £324 for households on means-tested benefits, £300 for pensioners this winter and £400 off energy bills for every household. . This is all part of our massive £37billion support package.

Further information

  • People who receive the following disability benefits may be eligible for the £150 one-off payment in September: Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Attendance Allowance, Scottish Disability Benefits (Disability Payment adult and child disability payment), armed forces independence payment. , Constant Assistance Allowance and War Pension Mobility Supplement.
  • Those who had confirmed payment of their disability benefit for May 25 are expected to be paid shortly after the payment window opens. For those waiting for confirmation of their disability benefits on May 25, or who are waiting to be assessed so they can receive disability benefits, the process may take longer, but payments will still be automatic.
  • You must have received payment (or later receive payment) from one of these eligible benefits by May 25, 2022 to receive payment.
  • You can find out more about government support for the cost of living on the Cost of living assistance page.

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