Rundown stats: 5 numbers to know after Dallas Mavericks lose to Phoenix Suns, 113-86


In a slightly shocking turn, the Dallas Mavericks responded after being blown out by 30 points on Tuesday night with an incredible team performance on Thursday to defeat the Suns, 113-86. Doncic led the Dallas Mavericks with 33 points, 11 rebounds, eight assists and four steals.

It’s now a 3-3 series and Game 7 will be in Phoenix sometime on Sunday.

Here are some numbers to think about after an incredible victory.

22: Turnover incurred by the Suns

In the regular season, the Phoenix Suns were seventh in the league in fewest turnovers per game at 12.9. Dallas was second with 12.3. Both teams have handled the ball exceptionally well all season, but in Game 6 the Suns faced an unruly combination of buttery fingers paired with excellent Dallas defense, resulting in 22 total turnovers. Chris Paul and Devin Booker combined for 13 of 22. Dallas had an insane 16 interceptions to the Suns’ three.

29: Points scored on Phoenix turnovers by the Dallas Mavericks

This of course ties into the previous stat, but it’s remarkable that the Mavericks were able to capitalize on Phoenix’s mistakes. Honestly, it probably could have been more. Dallas missed a lot of good looks after turnovers from Phoenix. Dallas simply baffled the Suns.

64: Spencer Dinwiddie three-shot percentage in Game 6 in 2022

Overall Dinwiddie hasn’t had the best playoffs, in fact he’s been pretty bad in… 10 out of 12 games. In every other game that isn’t a game 6 he shoots 12 out 44 out of three, or 27% for those who don’t like to do math. In Game 6 at Utah and Game 6 at Phoenix, Spencer shot a total of 9 of 14, a hilarious 64%. He came in huge in both games.

22: Games it took Luka Doncic to equal Dirk Nowitzki on 10/30/5

This one courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info. Wow.

Obviously they play different styles but it’s a crazy thing to see.

4-3: Dallas Maverick’s record in Game 7, historically

I hope this one is right, my friend Matt Moore from the Action Network told me this one. I can’t remember too many playoff 7 games in my life. There’s the win against Spurs (also in the conference semi-finals) in 2006. The loss against the same Spurs in 2014. There must be a few more, but it’s late and I’m tired.

That overall record coupled with the presence of Luka Doncic, well, it’s safe to say that I feel pretty good about Dallas’ chances.

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