Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad seals off F-9 Park entertainment area after court overturns stay – Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: The Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) on Wednesday sealed the mega entertainment zone and bowling club at F-9 Park, which would be headed by Adnan Qaiser, brother of former National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser, and his friend.

The entertainment facility, spread over three acres, has become one of the main attractions for visitors to the park, especially on weekends as there is a swimming pool, bowling club, restaurants, shops, a playground and a play area.

MCI team led by Director of Municipal Administration Directorate (DMA) Shakil Arshad and backed by Islamabad Police sealed the facility after district judge quashed stay order and additional audience, Mohammad Adnan.

The DMA had sold the facility at auction to Liaquat and Co in 2019 for two years. However, according to the city administration management, the facility was later taken over by another company, Fazal Mehmood and Co, and Adnan Qaiser.

The official says that the installation will be auctioned again; the brother of the former NA speaker had denied owning the area

Speaking to Dawn, Mr Qaiser had recently said he had no direct role in taking care of the entertainment facility during the auction. Instead, it was Fazal, who provided money to Liaquat for participating in the auction.

He later said with Liaquat’s understanding, his friend Fazal took over the entertainment area and the bowling club while he [Adnan] served as director there.

Adnan Qaiser further stated that Liaquat reversed his earlier position. Mr Qaiser also dismissed reports of illegal possession of the facility.

On the other hand, in the DMA case, Liaquat and Co was the tenant and it had received the installation for two years, which expired in August last year.

However, he did not deposit the rent/fees for the second year and even the third year, as Liaquat said the facility was taken over by him, Adnan Qaiser and Fazal.

DMA officials said Rs 140 million was outstanding against the facility.

Recently, DMA also wrote to Margalla Police Station for FIR registration against Adnan Qaiser and Fazal for unlawful possession of the entertainment center.

Last week, Adnan Qaiser and his friend, Fazal Mehmood, filed a petition with the Islamabad High Court (IHC) against their likely eviction from the establishment, which the DMA said had been in its unlawful possession for two years. year.

The petition stated that Adnan Qaiser was a friend of Fazal and as such, Liaquat soon after the ousting of the Pakistani government Tehreek-i-Insaf filed a complaint with the DMA and subsequently the latter asked the police FIR registration against the petitioners for illegal possession of the mega entertainment area and bowling club.

The petition goes on to state that the IHC on June 3 requested the DMA to provide a hearing opportunity to the current petitioners. However, neither the management nor the SHO of the police station concerned heard their arguments. She asked the court to quash the DMA’s letter.

The DMA manager told Dawn that after the suspension order was overturned, he and his team sealed off the entertainment area and the bowling club, which would be put up for auction again.

Asked about the 140 million rupees, the manager said the DMA would ensure that the pending amount was recovered from the defaulters.

Posted in Dawn, June 16, 2022


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