Honest Uber driver’s conversation with woman during Delhi rains explodes


Delhi woman’s conversation with Uber driver goes viral | Image Courtesy: Twitter/@RiaKasliwal

Photo: Twitter

Few things compare to the anxiety-inducing potential of a brief conversation with your Uber driver about a ride’s pickup and drop-off location. It’s the duality of possibilities of a Schrödinger’s cat until you’ve passed the questions like “Kahan jana hai?” and “Cash payment hai na?”.

But who wouldn’t appreciate a bit of honesty, clarity, or certainty about whether you’re canceled (again) or earned a trip, right?

A particular conversation a Delhi woman had with an Uber driver went viral on Sunday after she shared a screenshot of the unusual exchange on the ride-sharing app.

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According to her post on Twitter, the user named Ria Kasliwal had booked a taxi on July 20 while it was raining.

“So this happened while it was raining in Delhi yesterday! Lol,” she wrote.

Ria, according to her screenshot, said she had to go to Green Park. The person on the other end was candid in replying, “Is mausam mein? (In this weather?)”.

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“Aap aarhe hai na? the woman asks, sending the Uber driver into a confused spell of indecision that became evident when he asked her to answer “Kya karu?” “.

The conversation didn’t end there as a persistent Ria twice confirmed if she was on her feet, then came the desperately exhausted Uber driver’s epic confession: “Mann nahi karta.”

The wild tweet exploded with several thousand likes and hilarious reactions from people in disbelief.

This is just the latest in a series of conversations that have gone viral from the cabin aggregator app.

Earlier, another honest Uber driver made waves with his scrupulousness in detail when he said, “Aaunga one hundred percent, ek paratha khake aa raha hoon. Adha bacha (hai)”.

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