Consumers pay N193.53 billion to nightclubs amid power outages – Report


The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission announced on Monday that electricity distribution companies had collected a total revenue of N193.53 billion from consumers across the country in the third quarter of 2021.

Electricity supply in Nigeria has remained unstable since the sector was privatized in November 2013, as millions of consumers repeatedly complained about the poor state of electricity supply and blackouts across the country. .

However, in its just-released third quarter 2021 report, the electricity sector regulator said the 11 electricity distribution companies raked in more than N193 billion over the three-month period. month.

Commenting on the efficiency of collection by Discos, the commission said: “The total revenue collected by all Discos in 2021/Q3 was N193.53 billion out of the N273 billion charged to customers. This represents a collection efficiency of 70.89%, compared to 68.89% recorded in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

“Total revenue collected in 2021/Q3 increased by N8.24 billion (+4.45%) from the N185.29 billion recorded in 2021/Q2. The overall improvement in collection efficiency during the quarter under review could be attributed to the deployment of meters under the national mass metering program funded by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the continuation of the electricity supplier program. counter assets.

With regard to market rebates, NERC said that the combined market operator invoice and Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc’s adjusted market rebate order invoice to Discos in Q3 2021 will amounted to N208.54 billion for energy and administrative services.

He said that out of this amount, the Discos have collectively handed over a total sum of N141.69 billion (N41.53 billion for MO and N100.16 billion for NBET), representing a handover performance. by 67.94% during the quarter, with an outstanding balance of N66.85bn.

For the payout to NBET, NERC said that out of the total bill of N197.64 billion issued by NBET to Discos, NBET was to receive N153.90 billion under the MRT order, but it does not received only N100.17 billion during the quarter.

“Overall, the total Disco remittance performance at NBET was 65.09% of the 2021/Q3 forecast MRT, compared to 66.4% recorded in the prior quarter,” he said.

Providing updates on available generation capacity, the commission said that in the third quarter of 2021, there were 26 grid-connected power plants, consisting of 10 privatized legacy power plants, nine National Project power plants integrated electricity and seven independent power plants.

He said four of the grid-connected plants were hydropower plants, while the rest were gas-fired thermal plants, adding that the generation capacity available for the 26 plants was 5,301.32 megawatts, an increase of 9 .45% compared to the 4,843.58 MW1 recorded in 2021/Q2.

Regarding the performance of the national grid, he said that the stability of the grid decreased slightly with a total and partial system collapse that occurred on July 28 and August 23, 2021 respectively, compared to a total collapse in 2021/Q2.

“To improve the stability of the network in the next quarter and beyond, the commission continues to enforce and monitor the compliance of Discos and TCN (Transmission Company of Nigeria) with respect to the execution of level agreements to ensure greater network discipline,” NERC said. .


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