The most concerning part of Pats leaving 1-2


Patriots Talk: Most concerning part of Pats’ 1-2 start originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The New England Patriots have no shortage of problems ahead of their scheduled Week 4 meeting with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bill Belichick’s squad looked outscored in almost every aspect of the game in Sunday’s 28-13 loss to the New Orleans Saints. From the offensive line to expensive tight ends and special team blunders, almost anything that could go wrong for New England has gone wrong.

Curran: Brady’s comeback comes at the wrong time for Patriots

In a brand new episode of the Patriots Talk podcast, Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry broke down the loss and expressed their greatest concern about the team’s future.

Patriots Talk Podcast: With Tom Brady Returning, It’s A Bad Time For The Patriots To Be A Bad Team | Listen and Subscribe | Watch on YouTube

“What scares me are the mistakes that are made and who makes them,” Curran said. “They came in at 1-2 with the kinds of mistakes bad teams make, and the people making them are kind of breathtaking. It was supposed to be an outstanding offensive line on paper. supposed to be an exceptional front seven on paper. The runners hall was supposed to be exceptional. We expected better production from the tight ends that were added, a lot of money spent there. Jake Bailey is a punter and kicker All-Pro.

“All, however, have had a hand – some just a fingernail, others a whole fist – in this Patriots loss (to the Saints). At first glance, 1-2 isn’t a knockdown you can ‘ I’m not coming back, but 1-2 with self-inflicted injuries from your top players is a lot more of a concern than a normal 1-2. “

They went to 1-2 with the kinds of mistakes bad teams make, and the people who make them are a little mind-blowing.

Tom E. Curran

Perry has an optimistic view of the Patriots’ long-term problems.

“I would say we’re on the verge of having a substantial amount of evidence now this season that suggests it’s a problem,” Perry said. “If it was a game and these players struggled, that would be one thing. We’d say ‘they’ll get it.’ And I still think it’s going to get better.… I don’t know how far the offensive line is going. improve. “

Also covered in this episode: When can we expect the offensive line issues to be resolved? Why weren’t the WRs and the TEs separated? Reacting to Belichick’s comments that it was Brady’s option to leave New England. And Scott Pioli discusses his time with the Patriots and Brady’s rise.

Check out the latest episode of the Patriots Discussion Podcast on the NBC Sports Boston Podcast Network, or watch on youtube.

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