Text message offering free gift to pay cell phone bill


The SMS are bogus. AT&T says this is the most common spam text.

GREENSBORO, NC – Businesses want to retain customers. You have probably seen the advertisements and the advertisements offering reward cards or “the best deals for all customers, new and existing”. Knowing everything that could make you believe in the texts sent.

ATT FREE msg: the December invoice is paid. Thank you, here is a little gift for you. (and then there is a link)

You might want to click on it, but don’t. On the AT&T Community Forum, other customers are asking about this suspicious message and wondering if others have received it as well. AT&T Community Support responded by confirming that the test is one of the most common spam messages customers receive and do not click on the link.

Often people ask me, but can’t this be real? No. Write down the phone numbers of the two spam text messages. They are not from AT&T, they are personal numbers and they are not the same. This means that even if you block them there is a 99.9% chance that you will get that same text from another number. It’s so aggravating.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only way the crooks are trying to get you. The Better Business Bureau is warning people against an e-mail message going around. It’s supposedly from a friend and they need a favor. They ask you to buy a gift card for something they need and they will refund you. Ultimately they want you to read the gift card number
and once you do that …

“You’re not going to get your money back, so you know, take a few minutes. Call your friend, text your friend and make sure it’s them, ”said Lechelle Yates of the Better Business Bureau.

Gift cards are like money. They can’t be found and once the money is gone it is gone. No one can get it back for you.


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