Relior products have been available on the financial market since 2008. Due to the fact that since June 2012 we can use both the online and mobile Relior Sy branch, the products offered by the bank are available to everyone. He has undergone a small makeover. In 2010, due to cooperation with the Z-mobile mobile network operator, June 2015 brought a merger of Relior with Marlieu Bank. for an assessment

Relior – bank offer

Alior Bank - bank offer

Relior offer includes both installment loans and credits. These include a consolidation loan that allows debtors to repay their arrears freely. A great deal of attention is also paid to the mortgage. It has already allowed the bank’s customers to buy their dream home more than once. The lender’s offer also includes a cash loan under the name Comat Loan, which is the most frequently chosen form of lending.

Relior is not only finance. In its assortment, the bank also has revolving deposits with high interest rates and the option of opening a personal or savings account. The service provider also provides insurance. There are nine valuable policy packages. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the offer of each of them and choosing insurance tailored to your needs and financial possibilities.

Cash loan at Relior

Cash loan at Alior Bank

The cash loan under the name Duma Loan offered by the lender amounts to even PLN 180,000. The loan period is 8 years, and the commission is min. 7% for amounts over PLN 100,000. Thanks to using the life insurance service, we can count on comfortable loan repayment terms. It is worth noting that the APRC of a cash loan at Relior is 12.79 percent.

How to take a cash loan at Relior?

All we have to do is enter the lender’s website or go to one of the many branches and complete the application. It is important to provide all the data from our ID card. The lender will check their credibility, e.g. by means of a verification fee. Remember to indicate the correct loan amount and the repayment period we are interested in. They should be tailored to our financial capabilities. If the lender finds that we are asking for too much and we may have difficulties paying off the debt, he will match the most favorable offer to our creditworthiness. As soon as the lender considers our application, we will get an answer. It is important that we receive information about a credit decision regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

Products accompanying the credit offer at Relior

Products accompanying the credit offer at Alior Bank

Relior offers an additional offer for each product in its range. For a cash loan, it is a personal account on exceptional conditions or a revolving limit on the invoice. What is the renewable limit? These are additional funds that remain on our account. We can use them with unforeseen expenses. It is worth remembering that the limit amount is adapted to our needs and is set individually.

The revolving limit on your account has a variable interest rate. It is calculated from the limit amount actually used. All those who:

  • are between 22 and 80 years old,
  • have a savings and checking account at Relior,
  • they earn income on Polish territory.