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Bathinda: It is not the Punjab, but the Meghalaya that has the highest average monthly income per farm household from July 2018 to June 2019. The Punjab, however, is in second place followed by Haryana.
The results of the 77th National Sample Survey (NSS) round for January-December 2019 were released on September 10. The survey, entitled “Assessment of the situation of agricultural households and land and household holdings in the National Statistical Office (ONS).
The various factors such as income from wages, land rental, net income from crop production, net income from animal husbandry and net income from non-farm activities were added together to calculate the average monthly income. farm households in different states. and Union territories. The expenses paid were taken into account in the preparation of the net revenue.
According to the survey, Meghalaya recorded the average monthly income per agricultural household at Rs 29,348 which includes Rs 6,936 of wages / salaries, Rs 106 of land rental, Rs 21,060 of agricultural production, Rs 842 of animal husbandry and Rs 404 from non-agricultural business.
The average monthly income per farm household in Punjab for the same period has been calculated at Rs 26,701, including Rs 5,981 for wages / salaries, Rs 2,652 for land rental, Rs 12,597 for agricultural production, 4,457 Rs for animal husbandry and Rs 1,014 from non-farm businesses.
Haryana’s average monthly income per farm household for the period is Rs 22,841, including Rs 7,861 for wages / salaries, Rs 621 for land rental, Rs 9,092 for agricultural production, Rs 4,020 for animal husbandry and Rs 1,249 for non-agricultural activities. Business.
While when expenses paid and expenses charged are taken into account, the average income per household decreases to Rs. 26,973 in Meghalaya, Rs 21,705 in Punjab and Rs 16,530 in Haryana.
The average monthly income of all India per farm household has been calculated at Rs 10,218, including Rs 4,063 for wages / salaries, Rs 134 for rental of land, Rs 3,798 for agricultural production, Rs 1,582 for animal husbandry and Rs 641 for non-farm business. The lowest average monthly income per farm household is Rs Jharkhand (Rs 4,895) followed by Odisha at Rs 5,112.
Outstanding loans
For the average amount of outstanding loans per agricultural household, Punjab is in 3rd place after Andhra Pradesh and Kerala with maximum outstanding loans. According to the survey, the average loan amount outstanding per farm household is Rs 2,45,554 in Andhra Pradesh, Rs. 2,42,482 in Kerala and Rs 2,03,249 in Punjab. The highest percentage of indebted farm households is found in Andhra Pradesh with 93.2% followed by 91.7% in Telangana. In the Punjab, 54.4% of agricultural households are in debt compared to the national average of 50.2%.



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