Ohio’s bipartisan bill will allow utilities to create energy saving programs (parliamentary letter)


please come together: In the wake of the House Bill 6 scandal, Democrats and Republicans in Ohio discovered a pleasant energy problem. It allows utilities to voluntarily create their own energy efficiency programs. As Jeremy Pelzer reports, unsure of the type of voluntary energy conservation programs permitted under HB6, which eradicated the state’s energy efficiency obligations to utilities, by Ohio Public Services Commission. A new law has been introduced.

For memory : Vipal Patel, acting federal prosecutor for the Southern District of Ohio, said Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost was a witness to assist with the HB 6 investigation, after Yost was allegedly interviewed by the FBI. He said he was revealing it was public speculation. A conversation he had with former Ohio speaker Larry Householder. As Andrew Tobias reports, the FBI interviewed Yost in July 2020 about an August 2019 conversation with Householder, a key target in corruption investigations. In a letter to Jost, Patel thanked him for his cooperation and said it was an example for other officials.

Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Dissatisfied with Tullivan’s swift takeover of Afghanistan following President Joe Biden’s decision to sack US forces, Ohio Republicans have criticized the decision and the Democratic Party of America and its allies are urged to safely withdraw from the country. Sabrina Eaton’s report. “Afghanistan is now likely to serve as a global point of departure for terrorism,” Senator Rob Portman said in his statement. “I urge the president to proactively develop a strategy for this disastrous political failure.”

Vaxx attack: Last week another immunization bill was submitted to Ohio House. 388 House Construction Sponsored by K-12 schools, universities, daycares, restaurants, barbers, theaters, shops, airlines, hostels, local governments, state governments and other places, sponsored by Delaware County Republican Representative Chris Jordan. It is forbidden to refuse the service. , Treat differently or isolate unvaccinated people. If you break the bill, you will be fined $ 5,000 for each offense. However, hospitals and medical facilities can ask patients if they are vaccinated. This bill applies to all vaccines.

According to Jim: Republican Gov. Jim Renatch said on Friday that Jobs Ohio, the state’s privatized nonprofit economic development organization, is “not doing the right thing” to help create jobs in the state. “I left,” he said. Renatch, a former member of the Wadsworth Speak House of Representatives at the Cleveland City Club Forum, also said his main opponent, Governor Mike DeWine, “overreacted” to the coronavirus crisis by imposing “strict policies. Renatch also called FirstEnergy Corp. a “good company” and suggested that “politicians demand money” from utilities, even if they allow bribes to top state officials … FirstEnergy donation) said he believed “both sides” were responsible.

Working: US Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh is visiting Ohio today to kick off a tour and press conference at Walbridge’s new first solar panel manufacturing plant. Then head to Dayton to tour the Dayton Job Corps Center with Mayor Nan Welly, then visit the On Purpose Academy’s Childhood Mentoring and Learning Center. He concludes the day with a tour of a nonprofit addiction recovery ecosystem called One Fifteen. There, he meets with leaders and patients to discuss his own recovery journey.

Telemedecine : Ohio’s current rules, which allow patients to prescribe drugs and recommend medical marijuana through telemedicine, will expire on December 31. Columbus Dispatch Titus woo report. However, telemedicine has partially condemned the increase in opioid overdose deaths in the state, despite drug harm reduction supporters calling the idea “ridiculous.” Some people worry that this is the case.

Poverty problem: Some people in the state are concerned about what will happen to the poverty rate when the coronavirus pandemic benefits expire. Columbus Dispatch Ken Gordon Report .. While there are now permanent programs, such as advances in child tax deductions and increased food stamp allowances, there are also programs that can muddy the books. people’s notes, like the end of the moratorium on peasant evictions.

Bridging the divide: The Brent Spence Bridge on the Ohio-Kentucky border could be replaced if a $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure package passes through the House of Representatives, but Republicans in the area are reluctant to support it at best. OK. But Scott Wartman Report of The Cincinnati Enquirer .. Warren Davidson of Ohio and Thomas Massie of Kentucky are against the package, but Steve Chabot of Cincinnati remains undecided.

Short circuit: NS The New York Times Matthew Goldstein and Kate Kelly We publish the profile of Nathan Anderson, Wall Street investor and research director of Hindenberg Research. Hindenberg’s research has led to several surveys of companies, including Ohio-based electric vehicle startup Lordstown Motors Corporation, which is currently under investigation by a federal agency.

5 Things We Learned May 17 Financial Disclosure Form Cedrick Denson, member of the Cincinnati Democratic Party of Japan.

1. Denson’s only source of income was his statutory salary of $ 72,277.32.

2. Denson’s investment was a retirement fund under the Ohio Public Service Retirement Program and an Ohio Deferred Compensation Investment Trust.

3. The Ohio House reimbursed Denson $ 2,472.30 for mileage and $ 329 for lodging.

4. Denson did not list creditors or debtors over $ 1,000.

5. Denson, as a member of the organization’s board of directors, has a fiduciary relationship with the Great Cincinnati branch of the National Action Network.

Lordstown Motors Corp. hired Eric Purcell as the new vice president of global quality. Purcell was previously Tesla’s production manager.

Sharon Ray State Congressman

Larry Parsons, Chief Financial Officer of Ohio House

Lauren Reed, Republican Policy Advisor at Ohio House

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never heard of Proud Boys. Haven’t seen the news since January 6th and won’t be going.

-State Member Rodney Kulich, Republican for Preble County, cited in an article in the Ohio Capital Journal.

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Ohio’s bipartisan bill will allow utilities to create energy saving programs (parliamentary letter)

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