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Summary of position

The Airport Supervisor directs, develops and maintains strategic relationships with JetBlue crew members, internal departments and customers; depending on the specific station, this responsibility may also extend to business partners. The Supervisor serves airport crew members as well as business partners as needed through timely coaching and mentoring, ultimately contributing to the successful development of a growing team environment. The Supervisor will collaborate and work closely with the Manager (s) in executing the operational strategy to ensure the success of our interactions with clients, control costs, generate revenue and enforce safety standards.

He / she plays a leadership role, directly supervising and supporting the crew members responsible for the execution of JetBlue’s airport and ground operations.

  • The airport operations team is responsible for:
    • safely perform all over-the-wing processes, as applicable, including, but not limited to, customer check-in, baggage tagging and acceptance, boarding on flights, connecting customers, irregular operations, station operations and the baggage service office (BSO).
    • safely perform all under-wing processes, as applicable, including, but not limited to, baggage room, baggage loading, baggage transfer, security compliance, cleaning of aircraft, station operations, baggage scanning and ensuring the safe operation of all aircraft.
Core responsibilities
  • Accountable to senior management for the oversight and execution of safety and security programs at the station to ensure a safe and secure workplace for crew members, customers, business partners, aircraft , Facilities and Ground Service Equipment (GSE) (if applicable) – responsible for meeting federal and local requirements.
  • Provides exceptional service to internal and external customers by leading and overseeing the delivery of hospitality and the JetBlue promises, which are in line with customers’ high expectations of JetBlue. Responsible for resolving and handling escalated issues with customers and / or crew members.
  • Support, coach and train airport crew members and / or business partner crew members, encourages engagement and plays an important role in their development and growth through effective performance management and feedback formal and informal continuous constructive.
  • Notifies airport crew members and / or business partner crew members prior to each shift and reports all relevant information regarding the shift to the on-duty crew chief, including any maintenance issues or cancellations.
  • Strategically identifies operational challenges and implements improvements to maximize and ensure the success of performance initiatives on time.
  • Support the Management in the execution of the operational strategy and assume the responsibilities of Manager / General Manager when they are not available.
  • Directs and guides airport crew members and / or business partner crew members through operational issues while coordinating efforts with all relevant stakeholders throughout the operation as well as with partners to ensure effective day-to-day collaboration and accountability.
  • Obtains and maintains up-to-date on airport and / or ground operations qualifications as required.
  • Ensures policies and procedures are applied in accordance with SAPQ and applicable federal regulations and standards, including reporting any non-compliance to management and notifying any other operational issues reported during event monitoring.
  • Partners with JetBlue University, including Field Educator JBU, to deliver effective training that leads to successful interactions with customers and meets safety standards
  • Evaluates the schedules and assignments of crew members and / or business partners on a daily basis to ensure maximum efficiency during regular and irregular operations. Must be able to stay ahead of any potential staffing issues during regular and irregular operations. In addition, the supervisor must be able to trace and assign crew members to all applicable zones as required.
  • Required to perform frontline duties and help support frontline CMs as needed
  • Administrative support may be assigned, depending on the size of the station
  • Acts as the Ground Safety Coordinator and is responsible for the safety and security of ground handling operations as required.
  • Ensures that the company’s cash management policies are followed. Responsible for daily cash and payments reconciliation
  • Responsible for performing periodic audits and taking into account the results to ensure compliance with all security, financial and operational procedures
  • Other assigned tasks including special projects.
Minimum experience and qualifications
  • High school diploma or general studies diploma (GED) or equivalent
  • Three (3) years of customer service, sales or airline experience, OR one (1) year of JetBlue CEX experience
  • Able to stand continuously for up to four (4) hours at a time
  • Must be able to read, write and speak English and the native language of the station
  • Ability to handle confidential information with professionalism and diplomacy
  • Able to travel and / or work variable hours, flexible hours, including holidays and weekends
  • Ability to work under pressure and fixed time constraints
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Must be able to use portable radios and microphones to communicate with operations and make all terminal announcements
  • Must be able to acquire and maintain a valid Security Identification Display Area (AIDS) badge
  • Depending on location, may need to acquire and maintain US customs clearance
  • Supervisors overseeing ground operations must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and a driving record that meets JetBlue Airways insurance standards
  • Pass a ten (10) year background check and pre-employment drug test
  • Legally authorized to work in the country in which the position is located
  • Able to work with various payment methods (cash, credit cards, traveller’s checks, etc.)
  • Visa valid for travel within and outside the United States of America
  • Available for occasional night trips (10%)
Preferred experience and qualifications
  • One (1) year of leadership or supervisory experience, preferably in the airline industry
  • Exceptional leadership skills, with the ability to lead, train and motivate
  • Competent in:
    • Airport operations and / or ground operations
    • Saber and web movement control
    • FLM, Blue Eye, CRO, GSC
  • Excellent time management and prioritization skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Bilingual skills
Expectations of crew members
  • Regular attendance and punctuality
  • Potential need to work flexible hours and be available to respond on short notice
  • Well groomed and able to maintain a professional appearance
  • When working or traveling on JetBlue flights, and weather permitting, all competent crew members are encouraged to assist with the light cleaning of the aircraft.
  • Must be an appropriate organizational fit for the JetBlue culture, i.e. exhibit the JetBlue values ​​of safety, caring, integrity, passion and fun
  • Promote JetBlue’s # 1 Safety Value as a Safety Ambassador, supporting JetBlue Safety Management System (SMS) components, safety policy and behavioral standards
  • Identify any safety and / or security issues, problems, incidents or hazards that need to be reported and report them whenever possible and by any means necessary, including JetBlue’s confidential reporting systems (Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) or Safety Action Report (SAR))
  • Adhere to all applicable laws, regulations (FAA, OSHA, DOT, CAA, UK Dft, etc.) and corporate risk policies, procedures and controls
  • Meet JetBlue’s safety performance measurement goals and understand how they relate to their duties and responsibilities
Equipment operation
  • Computers and other office equipment
  • Operation of a walkway and / or air stairs
  • Sound system
  • Supervisors overseeing ground operations will use ground service equipment (GSE), hand-held radios, scanners, light emitting diode (LED) panels, mail and cargo equipment as needed (crew members ground operations)
  • Information display screen systems (RIDS, FIDS, BIDS, GIDS, SPIDS)
  • Autonomous computer terminals used to identify and process Customer reservations
  • Bag scanners
  • Service phone
Working environment
  • Airport environment
  • Subject to weather conditions and high noise levels at airports
  • Ability to stand for an extended period
  • Forced to work irregular shifts and hours due to irregular operations
Physical effort

Moderate physical activity required by handling objects weighing up to fifty (50) pounds frequently and / or seventy to one hundred (70-100) pounds occasionally with the help of other people or tools and being in a position where to lean, squat, kneel, etc. . is necessary.

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