Notice to government offices in Faridabad regarding pending property tax of Rs 63-cr: The Tribune India


Bijendra Ahlawat

Tribune press service

Faridabad, December 28

Stepping up efforts to recover the pending property tax, authorities at the Municipal Corporation Faridabad (MCF) have started issuing notices to various government offices that owe dues in excess of Rs 63 crore.

Efforts to recover the amount

Notices and reminders are issued to the departments concerned. Efforts are underway to collect overdue dues despite the fact that government offices cannot be sealed. Abhishek Meena, Additional Commissioner, MCF

Revealing this, official sources from the civic body said that although the total amount of property tax pending in the city has been almost Rs 230 crore, 107 offices and buildings of government departments have not yet paid dues of Rs. 63.05 crore.

According to details prepared by the MCF, the defaulters include almost all of the departments that have not paid the tax in recent years. While properties owned and operated by the police face unpaid dues of around Rs 10.86 crore, which includes dues of Rs 7.24 crore pending for the construction of the police station in the area31 here. Likewise, HSVP properties, which include shops, markets and offices, have an outstanding property tax of around Rs 10 crore. The HSVP estates office owes an amount of Rs 7.50 crore.

Among other defaulting debtors, the BSNL has to pay a tax of more than Rs 8.22 crore. The Nahar Singh International Cricket Stadium under renovation and the DCA Cricket Club located on its premises have also not paid a pending tax of Rs 4.58 crore, it has been reported so far. The stadium, being renovated at a cost of RS 115 crore, has been closed for several years.

Likewise, the mini-secretariat that houses the district administration offices, including the DC office, must pay a fee of more than Rs.269 crore, officials said.

District court to pay an amount of Rs 2.13 crore, HVPNL – Rs 1.14 crore, Government of India Press – Rs 1.35 crore, RCH Hospital, Sector 30 (Department of Health) – Rs 2.30 crore, electrical substation – Rs 2.16 crore, telephone exchange —Rs 3.19 crore, Panchayat Bhawan – Rs1.85 crore, civil hospital — Rs 81.8 lakh and Red Cross office – Rs 83 lakh.

Claiming that notices and reminders were being sent to relevant departments, Abhishek Meena, Additional Commissioner, MCF, said efforts were being made to collect overdue dues despite the fact that government offices could not be sealed.

107 have not paid their contributions

Official sources within the civic body said that although the total amount of pending property tax in the city was almost Rs 230 crore, 107 government department offices and buildings have yet to paid dues of Rs. 63.05 crore.


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