New World magnetite locations: where to find, mining level, more


In the New World, magnetite is one of the rarest materials to be mined. Here’s where to find them on Aeternum and what level of mining you should have.

MMORPGs often reinforce an exceptional amount of material that players will have a choice to collect throughout the map. New World is no different in this regard, as adventurers roam the map to harvest, mine, and fish to their hearts’ delight.

Throughout the game, you’re bound to come across some special-looking rocks that you’ll want to mine, as they’re often rare and give players alliance materials.

Magnetite is a hard material to find and we’ll be going through all of the magnetite locations in the New World and explaining why you’ll want to hunt this rock.


What is the magnet in the New World?

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Saltpeter is another material found in New World that players will want to mine.

Lodestone is one of the top tier materials that players can mine in New World, as its veins are unlocked at mining level 105.

It is highly guaranteed by those who have acquired this trading skill, as it will be used in crafting high level materials later in the game that will greatly benefit your player and others.

You will also be able to melt the magnetite so that it turns into blocks of magnetite, which can be used for noted crafts and can also be sold at your local counter for a decent dollar.

New World magnetite locations

If you have the skills to mine for magnetite, you’ll want to seek out these elusive veins.

They are tracked on your New World map starting at mining level 155, but if you want to find some before that level, they are indicated by their dark / red tint.

Also, because this material is so rare, there have been a few locations that we were able to mark around some of the territories that contain veins.

Here are some New World magnetite locations:

new world magnetite locations
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Lodestone locations in parts of the New World.

Now that you have mastered the magnet, you’ll also want to familiarize yourself with some other New World tips and tricks we’ve created for you below.

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