Martin Lewis: How to get £ 150 free payment before Christmas


Martin Lewis has revealed how people can get a free £ 150 boost before Christmas, and it’s as easy as switching bank accounts.

In his weekly email via the MoneySavingExpert website, it showed that by transferring your bank account to HSBC they would pay you £ 150 to do so.

The HSBC The Advance account is the one it belongs to, which joins six other bank accounts that now pay you to make you change.

In addition, he dropped his minimum monthly payment of £ 1,750 to qualify, as you now only need £ 1,500 to enter within 60 days.

HSBC offers to pay you £ 150 to switch to their Advance (PA) account

Switching is usually easy and hassle-free, as you can simply use the new bank’s seven (business) day change service.

It moves your balance, standing orders, and direct debits for you, closes your old account, and ensures all payments go there automatically.

What other banks are offering the payment to pass to them?

Santander 123Lite: £ 130 free and continuous cashback on bills. The minimum payment is £ 500 per month and must move two direct debits / standing orders.

First 1st direct account: 100 € free and overdraft 0%. Minimum payout of £ 1000 for the bonus.

Halifax Award: £ 125 free + possibility of £ 5 / month or cinema ticket. Minimum payment of £ 1,500 per month

Virgin Money M Plus: Case of 12 free bottles of wine or £ 150 day experience. Minimum payout of £ 1,000.

Nationwide direct flex: £ 100 free and voucher if you have a large overdraft. The minimum payment is £ 1,000 per month and must make two direct debits.

NatWest Award: £ 100 free to change, plus £ 50 after one year and £ 36 / year cashback. Minimum payment of £ 1,250 per month and must move or set up two direct debits. The deal for this ends at 4:59 p.m. on Thursday, December 2.

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