Gr Noida Extends Remission Period on Pending Lease Deed until November 15 | News from Noida



Greater Noida: The Greater Noida Authority has extended the 40% discount period on the total penalty on pending leases of residential land and buildings constructed until November 15 from September 30. More than 200 crore of the Authority is blocked as premium and lease rent due to pending registrations.
Of the nearly 3,300 buyers of apartments and land, just over 300 have registered their properties to date. Remaining homebuyers now have a chance to acquire property rights until November 15. After that, they will have to pay the penalty due or face the cancellation of the rental deed in the event of non-payment.
Narendra Bhooshan, CEO of GNIDA, said this is the last chance for homebuyers to take advantage of the lease penalty discount. “We have extended the 40% discount period on the total lease contract penalty for buyers of residential land and constructed buildings (both flat buildings and one-story buildings) until November 15. The possibility of paying the additional indemnity and simple interest on the overdue amount has also been extended until November 15, ”he said.
According to officials, more than Rs 200 crore from the Authority is being blocked as premium and rental rent due to these non-registrations. “We are facing issues with the unpaid premium amount and the lease rent as well as the stamp duty at the registration department due to this delay,” Bhooshan said.
“Due to non-registration, beneficiaries are also unable to obtain ownership rights to their properties. In addition, after that, the Authority will no longer be able to offer such a large discount. We will soon put online the list of beneficiaries who have not completed the lease deed process on our website. I call on all home buyers to register their properties before November 15, ”added the CEO.
For any help with registration, buyers can call the Authority’s call center at 0120-2336046-49.



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