FBR makes information mandatory for valid point of sale invoices


KARACHI: Tax authorities on Monday released a set of information required on the printed invoice issued through a point-of-sale (POS) machine to make it valid for tax purposes.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued an SRO 1006 (I) / 2021, directing large retailers to follow guidelines to make the issued invoice a valid receipt.

The following information, among others, should be clearly printed on every invoice issued through all point-of-sale systems integrated into the RBF:

Business information: The name of the company or the name of the brand; full address of the business location; the sales tax registration number (STRN) and the national tax number (NTN) of the RBF; name of the tax office / body where the business is registered; and a unique registration number at the point of sale.

Invoice details: Unique sequential invoice number; date and time of sale; method of payment (cash, credit or debit card, check or gift vouchers); and optional for business-to-business (B2B): name of the buyer / client / recipient of the service. (The name is registered when the customer owes the tax or credit or the value of the invoice is more than 100,000 rupees).

Transaction Details: The description by item of the goods or services and the (unit) price excluding tax; tax rate for each item (itemized breakdown of tax rate. Apply zero percent if an item is exempt); the quantity of goods per item; Amount of tax; total sale value; tax charged on the invoice; discounts, if any; Re1 POS service charge / invoice; total amount to pay ; and the total amount received.

RBF Details: The FBR tax invoice number (XXXXXX-DDMMYYHHMMSS-0001); FBR POS billing system logo; Verifiable QR code, dimensions: 7X7MM; and the statement in legible font and size: “Check this invoice via the FBR Tax Asaan mobile app or SMS 9966 and win great prizes in the raffle.” “

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