Don’t be lured in by ads from tech companies, do your research to avoid fraud, government tells parents


New Delhi: The Education Department has asked parents to be careful when choosing ed-tech platforms for their children, in a notice released Thursday.

He said the notice was released because many electronics tech companies were asking vulnerable families to sign up for automatic payment options under the guise of providing a free service.

Given the hybrid nature of learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ed-tech platforms have grown in popularity in most Indian households. Whether at school level or higher, such platforms are available to help students in all fields – preparation for the entrance exam, daily schoolwork, skills development, etc.

The ministry said, however, that families opting for such platforms risked being duped.

“Given the pervasive impact of technology in education, many electronics technology companies have started offering courses, tutorials, coaching for competitions, and more. opting for online content and coaching offered by a multitude of electronic technology companies, ”the opinion says.

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“Attract parents disguised as free services”

The ministry said it had been informed by the Ministry of School Education and Literacy that some electronic technology companies were “attracting parents by offering them free services” and “having the electronic transfer mandate signed. funds (TEF) or activated the Direct Debit Functionality, particularly targeting vulnerable families ”.

The advisory warned parents of students not to be fooled by “success stories shared by electronics technology companies without proper verifications, as they could be a trap to attract more audiences.”

He also asked them not to “blindly trust ads” and to do their own research before registering on a platform.

“Perform a detailed background check of the ed-tech company you wish to subscribe to and check the quality of the content provided by the ed-tech companies,” the notice reads.

“Make sure it is in line with the curriculum and your field of study and that it is easily understood by your child,” he added.

“Avoid automatic debit option”

The ministry, in its opinion, also issued detailed instructions on how to avoid financial fraud.

He said parents should avoid the “automatic debit option for paying subscription fees.”

“… some electronics technology companies may offer the free premium business model where much of their services may seem free at first glance, but to gain access to lifelong learning, students must opt ​​for a paid subscription.” , the ministry said.

He further advised parents “not to install ed-tech mobile apps without verifying their authenticity and to avoid registering credit / debit cards on subscription apps.”

In addition, parents should not allow purchases on the platform without their consent, he added.

Legal provisions for e-commerce businesses were also shared with the public in the notice to raise awareness of their rights.

(Edited by Gitanjali Das)

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