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Last year, Keronique Palmer’s Christmas wish was simply to be able to continue her medical career. However, the first-year medical student was unable to pay her tuition, which was $4,349,800 (US$28,000).

With an outstanding balance of the first half of her annual tuition, Palmer was unable to take her final exams in December.

She shared in a Gleaner interview last month that her only dream was to be able to complete the journey she started last September at the University of the West Indies, Mona, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine, specializing in surgery during the period 2021-2026 .

A month later, Donna ‘Aunty Donna’ Gowe, a social media sensation and humanitarian known for her volunteer attitude and philanthropic contributions, answered the call on Wednesday, donating more than $1.5 million to the Palmer’s tuition and paid for his tuition just a few days. after school reopens on January 17.

As ‘kids are the future’, said Aunty Donna the gleaner that it was a pleasure to offer help in this exceptional way as many children with potential are unable to pursue their dreams.

Gowe, who fell on a Gleaner article published on December 16, then turned to her group “Planka Nation” – people who follow Gowe on her social media platforms – and rallied the help of donors.

Over the past three weeks, donations have started pouring in, locally and internationally, from countries including the UK, US, Canada and other Caribbean islands.

Palmer said the gleaner that she feels blessed, as she recalls a conversation she had with an elderly woman, who prayed for the blessing and prosperity of her life.

“Don’t forget that she knows nothing about me, [but] out of nowhere she said to me, ‘Don’t worry, don’t worry, your blessing is coming. There’s a crown out there for you and it’s on its way,” the woman said.

“In the current state of the situation, my annual fees are not paid. What was cleared today was the amount needed to pass my December exams, and also what would have allowed me to enroll in the second semester,” Palmer said.

But despite being one of the very first donations the 21-year-old has received, she believes God will provide more funding opportunities over the next five years.

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