Acrelec partners with QikServe self-service platform


Acrelec, a global technology company that drives business results for restaurant and retail brands, has expanded its partnership with international software company, QikServe, to provide US markets with state-of-the-art, fully integrated kiosk solutions. This partnership enables US operators to increase average order value, reduce wait times and achieve operational efficiency.

Companies have cultivated their partnership through Europe amid an ongoing massive labor shortage where operators have struggled to maintain staffing levels to effectively run their business. A recent study highlighted that staffing shortages in the hospitality industry are still at an all-time high, with 83% more vacancies in the sector compared to March-May 2019. Acrelec’s intuitive hardware works with QikServe’s intelligent platform to solve labor shortage issues and ease pressure on operators by:

  • Move the workforce so the team can focus on satisfying customers rather than order taking
  • Putting customers in control of the ordering experience while reducing queues and wait times
  • Personalize every journey with data-driven product suggestions proven to increase average control by 30%
  • Integrated loyalty, coupons and stored value offer
  • Maintain a consistent brand experience across all order channels

The result is a flexible and scalable solution that allows operators to improve overall efficiency, while reducing costs, ensuring the business can continue to operate despite external pressures.

Emerging from this period, quick service restaurant (QSR) brands have relied on self-service technology from Acrelec and QikServe to inspire confidence in customers, providing them with safe, contactless ordering experiences. As part of the partnership, QikServe kiosk software will now offer the ability to accept cash as payment through integration with Glory, the leading provider of cash handlers and recyclers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Acrelec and Glory cash, the industry leader in self-service technologies. The addition of Glory Cash Recyclers will give operators the choice to retain cash sales while continuing to drive the digital self-service revolution,” said QikServe President and Founder, Daniel Rodgers. “Having previously deployed our software on Acrelec terminals in EuropeExpanding our reach into markets in the Americas means we can pursue our ambition to deliver cutting-edge digital experiences to customers around the world. »

Glory Global Solutions, an investor in Acrelec, offers secure payment options as part of the solution, which automates payment processes. Despite the rapid digitization of payments, cash accounts for about 31% of all consumer transactions, more than electronic, credit, debit or check transactions, according to CNBC. Acrelec and Qikserve’s all-in-one kiosk solution integrated with Glory provides customers with multiple payment options, increases efficiency and flexibility, and security.

“Associating with QikServe has allowed us to take our expertise to the next level and deliver game-changing kiosk solutions to global customers,” said Acrelec Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, Todd Walton. “Today’s convenience-driven culture is propelling significant revenue for interactive kiosks, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with QikServe to provide our amazing restaurant customers with a future-proof solution and support network. globally, so that their businesses are equipped to meet demand and drive sales and efficiency.

Leveraging each other’s expertise, Acrelec and QikServe intend to continue their trusted partnerships while simultaneously powering the next generation of leading smart stores in the United States.


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