‘A Happy Celebration’: The Lutheran Church of Peace Celebrates Mortgage Fire | New


On Sunday, October 31, the Lutheran Church of Peace said goodbye to the mortgage that had weighed on their heads since the construction of their current shrine twelve years ago.

Pastor John Hanson said it best in the monthly newsletter, saying, “Now is the time for us to have a happy celebration! We are finally free from the burden of our past. On October 10, it was announced that Peace had the financial backing to make the final mortgage payment. The announcement came a week after the church’s annual silent auction concluded.

The silent auction raised $ 13,347, less than $ 3,000 less than the final balance. Barb Ramberg, head of the silent auction committee, announced during the October 10 services that an anonymous donor, who assisted the Church’s silent auction for many years, has donated more than 5,000 $, putting the Church on the upright, triggering celebratory cheers in both services.

Construction began at the end of the 2008 recession, which meant jobs were scarce, WESTconsin Credit Union‘s Mark Falteisek said. The building was inaugurated on August 26, 2009, with an outstanding balance of $ 1,600,000 million.

Lutheran peace has come a long way since then. They survived a pandemic that caused some churches to close their doors. They have been through some of the happiest days in people’s lives as well as some of their most difficult ones. It has become a safe place for students and adults.

In the twelve years that Peace worked on their loan, there have been many changes of power in the church and in the world. The Lutheran Church of Peace is grateful for the generosity of its members and non-members. They are grateful that they were able to be active in the community while repaying the loan. Now that the loan is used up, Peace is eager to be part of the community and make a difference.

So what’s the next step for the Church? Hanson said his deacons council asked for the same. He went on to say that maybe it’s not something that is necessarily monetary, but maybe something that people need.

“Our goal is to bring our ministry to those in need,” concluded Hanson.

For more information on the Lutheran Church of Peace, please visit their website at welcometopeace.org.


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