13 trade exceptions set to expire in July


A total of 13 traded player exceptions created during the 2021 NBA offseason are set to expire this month if unused.

A trade exception is an NBA salary cap exception that can be generated when a team trades a player. It allows this team to acquire a certain amount of salary without sending it back for a year after the exception is created. The club is allowed to trade for a player winning the exception amount, plus $100,000.

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For example, the Trail Blazers are expected to use their $20,864,198 trade exception, created in February. CJ McCollum to trade, to acquire Jerami Grant, who earns $20,955,000 in 2022/23. Grant fits tightly into this TPE after accounting for the $100,000 of wiggle room.

Most commercial exceptions expire unused, but teams can sometimes find a use for them, especially larger ones like Portland’s. So it’s worth keeping an eye out for which ones are still available.

Here are the 13 exceptions set to expire this month:

  1. Boston Celtics: $17,142,857 (expires 07/18)
  2. Los Angeles Clippers: $8,250,000 (expires 07/18)
  3. Indiana Pacers: $7,333,333 (expires 7/7)
  4. New Orleans Pelicans: $6,382,262 (expires 7/7)
  5. Chicago Bulls: $5,000,000 (expires 7/7)
  6. Memphis Grizzlies: $4,054,695 (expires 7/7)
  7. Brooklyn Nets: $3,246,530 (expires 7/6)
  8. Toronto Raptors: $3,070,052 (expires 7/6)
  9. Atlanta Hawks: $1,782,621 (expires 7/7)
  10. Golden State Warriors: $1,782,621 (expires 7/7)
  11. Milwaukee dollars: $1,517,981 (expires 7/7)
  12. Boston Celtics: $1,440,549 (expires 7/7)
  13. Brooklyn Nets: $118,342 (expires 7/6)

The Celtics’ $17 million exception, created last year Evan Fournier sign-and-trade, is most notable here, but it seems unlikely to be used. Boston reached an agreement last week to acquire Malcolm Brogdon without having to resort to the exception, and now appears to be a long way from securing another major trade deal.

The third exception on this list, the Pacers’ $7.3 million TPE, will disappear if Indiana decides to operate below the cap. The team would have to waive the exception to be able to actually use their cap room.

Although it is possible that some of the other exceptions in this list will be used before they expire, they will not fit any of the agreements that have been agreed to date.

The full list of pending trade exceptions can be viewed here.


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